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Online Resources for Your Workforce 

Hiring your first employee can be a scary and gratifying first step in growing your business.  Find out what steps you need to take, and get some good ideas on how to find the perfect person for the job.

After your business gets off the ground, chances are you'll need to hire more employees. Virginia offers many incentives to help you find and develop a skilled workforce. The Virginia Jobs Investment Program not only provides direct funding for job creators, but offers assistance with workforce-related challenges.

Wondering how the Affordable Care Act affects your business? Learn about the variety of measures specifically for small businesses that help lower premium cost growth and increase access to quality, affordable health insurance. Depending on whether you are self-employed, an employer with fewer than 25 employees, an employer with fewer than 50 employees, or an employer with 50 or more employees, different provisions of the Affordable Care Act may apply to you